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High Dive Champ: Artistry in Motion
Weight Loss Secret: How To Lose Weight While You Sleep
Nicole's Shrimp Lettuce Wraps
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Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris
Drinking on the Job
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Competing With Cultural Foods
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Sarah's Freezer Taco Soup
Alton's Post-Star Rundown: Food Network Star Episode 9
LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock
Teen Inventor: Hot Seat
Can These Fat Guys Start a Fire?
Star Episode 9 Post-Show
The most beautiful stargazing location on Earth

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Meatloaf Sliders

Meatloaf SlidersThese flavorful mini meatloaves are baked in burger form or in muffin cups, and they make delicious little sliders. Add a piece of bacon, a slice of cheese, lettuce, and ...

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Fingerling Potato Salad

Fingerling Potato Salad This simple potato salad has loads of flavor with sour cream, mayonnaise, and chunks of cucumber, celery, egg, along with firm fingerling potatoes. Serve this great-tasting potato salad at ...

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Unstuffed Peppers

Unstuffed Peppers Enjoy the great flavor of stuffed peppers in this easy casserole. The casserole is made with ground beef, rice, tomatoes, ...

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Chicken, Kale, and Pasta Bake With Cheese

Chicken, Kale, and Pasta Bake With Cheese I used chopped cooked kale in this casserole, but chard or spinach could also be used. It's a hearty dish, perfect to serve a family any day of the week, ...

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Raspberry Nut Muffins

Raspberry Nut MuffinsThese great tasting raspberry nut muffins will brighten any morning! Sprinkle the tops with a little cinnamon sugar or vanilla ...

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Roasted Potato Salad

Roasted Potato Salad This potato salad is made more flavorful and interesting with roasted potatoes and onions, along with some dried or fresh herbs and a well-seasoned mayonnaise and sour cream dressing. I ...

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Texas Burgers

Grilled Burgers With Texas Barbecue SauceThese burgers are served with a bold and flavorful Texas-style barbecue sauce. Top these juicy grilled burgers with coleslaw, or serve the slaw on the side with pickle slices and ...

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Pasta Salad With Herbs

Pasta Salad With Herbs...

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How To Make Maple Cinnamon French Toast

Homemade Maple Cinnamon French Toast I love French toast and I love trying different flavors. This version is really quite simple, made with the addition of pure maple syrup and a little cinnamon. Here's ...

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Macaroni and Black Bean Salad

Macaroni and Black Bean Salad This delicious salad is loaded with chopped fresh vegetables, and it has just enough mayonnaise in it to give it plenty of flavor. Serve this flavorful macaroni salad at your ...

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Find nutrition-boosting tips, make-ahead strategies, and tasty pack-and-go recipes.

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Our escape on a chilly evening? The slow cooker. Come home to our favorite main dishes, sides, appetizers, and drinks that are sure to soothe your family with the simple joys of comfort food.

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Where there's chicken, there's chicken soup. Find 25 healthier takes on the ultimate comfort food.

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Join Cooking Light in our effort to change the way we approach fruits and vegetables. With our easy tips, you’ll be on your way to 5 a day.

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Learn how to make Grilled Stuffed Jalapeños, a healthy, fresh alternative to the popular breaded and fried version. Get the recipe.

23 Kale Recipes

Bursting with nutrients, kale makes a tasty addition to soups, casseroles, or even simply sautéed as a side dish.

100-Calorie Chocolate Treats

9 ways to enjoy 100 calories of everyone's favorite indulgence. By Holley Grainger, MS, RD

Prosciutto Egg Cups

So I am now two weeks into my great Whole30 Experiment! And I am happy to report I feel better than ever. I am enjoying the culinary challenge of coming up with new recipes although it can be challenging to plan every single meal. I’ve remedied this by spending a few hours cooking on Sunday. Yesterday I made these egg cups, 3lbs of almond chicken fingers, a roast beef, roasted beets and sweet potatoes, and cut and washed a ton of veggies. All that prep should make a weeks worth of meal a bit simpler. This recipe is laughably simple. It makes for a great breakfast and can be eaten [...]

Bora Bora Fireballs

So far the Whole30 Experiment is going great! Thank you all for your supportive comments and emails. I am happy to be a guinea pig for those toying with the idea of trying something like this for themselves. I think what has made this experience relatively painless for me is that I’ve been cooking some really great new recipes that I’m super excited about. Since I’m new to this type of cooking and eating, being the good student that I am, I sought out some additional resources. I found The Clothes Make the Girl, completely fell in love with Melissa and her recipes, and then downloaded her paleo cookbook, Well [...]

Paleo Almond Chicken Fingers

So the Whole30 Experiment is going pretty well so far. I am definitely feeling pretty great after a few days. No stomach aches, no headaches and I’ve been sleeping really well. I am excited to see how things progress. I am eating a lot of food and I feel super full and satiated. I don’t however, feel sluggish or bloated, which is awesome. So for my first new recipe I wanted to share these amazing chicken fingers. I was actually compelled to start blogging about this experience because these were sooo damn good. I have made a lot of baked chicken fingers on this site – but these were my [...]

Whole30 Challenge

I’m back! After about six weeks of no blogging I am rested up and ready to go. For the past few months, I’ve been toying with the idea of changing things up, diet-wise. I have always been pretty set in my food philosophy. I cook my own meals with whole, organic ingredients and prioritize whole grains and veggies with the occasional treat. However, over the past year, I have not been feeling like myself. I’ve been sluggish and plagued by constant stomach aches. My sleep habits went from decent to terrible and I’ve been breaking out like I’m hitting puberty all over again. After some blood tests to rule out [...]

Taking a Break…

Hello Beloved Readers! I know it’s been a while since I posted. I have been taking a much needed break from blogging and social networking for a bit. My last post occured on Monday April 15th, which was the day of the Boston Marathon bombing. This event and the weeks that followed were pretty stressful here in Boston. I decided it was a good time to take a break and reflect on some things. I love blogging very much, but balancing my day job with these responsibilities has been extremely challenging and has made me neglect some other areas of my life. So it seemed to be the right time [...]

Thai Quinoa Squash Salad – Guest Post at Whipped

Hello! I am very honored to be guest posting today for Kristina at Whipped. If you don’t know Kristina, I suggest getting to know her ASAP. She is a brilliant and creative cook who mixes lovely healthy recipes with yummy desserts. My favorites include Homemade Oreos, Butternut Squash Salad with Maple Vinaigrette, Turkey Sloppy Joes, and Spicy Shrimp and Avocado Crostini. When Kristina asked me to guest post, I agonized over what to contribute. I wanted something healthy and flavorful. I settled on my favorite superfood: quinoa. This Quinoa salad combined creamy roasted squash with tangy Thai flavors. It’s a great make ahead vegan meal that will give you [...]

Takeout Makeover: Baked Falafel

I LOVE falafel. It is one of those foods I only have once in a while from a food truck or a take out restaurant and I always think to myself “I should make this at home.” After Craig and I grabbed falafel last weekend he persuaded me to make a healthier version. Challenge accepted! Falafel is actually an incredibly simple vegan recipe. Just combine chickpeas with parsley, onions and a whole bunch of spices and cook. Traditionally, falafel is deep fried, but I decided to bake them instead. I baked and then broiled for a few minutes to get a crisp exterior. There are many fabulous ways to eat [...]

Super Slaw

So, a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win the most amazing giveaway. The lovely Katherine Martinelli was giving away a Magimiz by Robot-Coupe food processor to celebrate her 2 year Blogoversary. I was the lucky winner of this giveaway and I have been BLOWN AWAY by this food processor. It has a whole bunch of different blades for slicing, julienning and pureeing. In addition, I was lucky enough to get the juicer and smoothie attachments as well. So, I’ve been having a blast experimenting with my new toy. I’ve done some soups, some baking and some slicing but I decided it was time to try a slaw! [...]

Friday Links & Carb Love

Another week goes by and March begins to wrap up. I for one can’t wait for April. March has been plagued by lots of snowstorms, colds and the inability to wear cute spring shoes. Things are looking up – when I leave work it is still light out (sometimes) and I am begining to get a bit of spring fever. I have the overwhelming urge to go out and buy sandals and shorts despite the fact that today is a warm 40 degrees. Anyway. Have you checked out my CARBS Pinterest Board yet? I am constantly updating it with lots of carby goodness. I also just started a BACON board, [...]

Pistachio Quinoa Pilaf with Harissa

Quinoa is one of those amazing healthy foods that I enjoy but nonetheless neglect when it comes to thinking up fun recipes. Lately, my grain experimentation has mainly included bulgur and farro, but I decided to fix that pronto. Quinoa is a seed, actually – not a grain, but you catch my drift… Did you know? Quinoa is actually a seed, not a grain and related to the spinach family. It has been grown for centuries in South America, where it was a staple of the Incan diet. Quinoa is a great source of both protein and fiber. It contains all 9 essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. [...]

Healthy Snacks to Include in Your Kid's Lunch Box

Giving kids healthy snacks does not end at the 4 walls of the home. Since they spend most of their day in a week at school, it is important that the snacks they consume are just as healthy as those that you give them at home.

English Trifle Recipe

Being away from my home in Scotland for so long now, there are some recipes that, if I don't make them myself, I just never get to eat them. This is one, trifle. For us Brits, pretty run of the mill stuff, maybe even a bit standard, but by the same token, it is a definite crowd pleaser. I haven't met anybody yet who doesn't (if they are honest) love a trifle. When I started getting myself organised to make a trifle, I realise that it took a bit more thought than I had imagined. When my mum made it, it just seemed to appear like magic from the fridge. I hadn't considered the work involved. I don't want to put you off, though, it's not complicated, just needs a little bit of time on the chilling and setting front. So not even your time, but that of your fridge.

Tiramisu Recipe: No Cookin', Just Chillin'

These are the kind of desserts that I love to make (and eat!). This is ideal to make if you have friends and family coming round. Why? Well, you can make it in advance, and when you have had your main course, you can enjoy the company and the conversation in the knowledge that when everybody is ready for dessert, so are you. Just whip it out of the fridge and off you go!

An Apple A Day, Helps To Fight Heart Attack Away

The old Adage of "An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away" actually proves its worth. Little do we know how Apples can benefit us in heart health. You've got to eat it, to know it!

Coconut-Oatmeal Crisps With Cherries

For many, Christmas means lots of baking, especially baking Christmas cookies. There are hundreds of recipes to choose from, including cut out cookies, rolled cookies, and drop cookies. Drop cookies are probably the easiest type to make. This recipe brings flavors and the red color of Christmas together.

Amaretti Cookie Torte With Fresh Raspberries

The holidays are a busy time, a time of rushing and gift-wrapping and fixing meals for family. Even if you love to bake, you may not have time to bake a fancy dessert. This dessert, which uses Amaretti cookies imported from Italy, looks fancy, tastes fancy, and requires only about 12 minutes of prep time.

Cinnamon-Applesauce Cake With Eggnog Whipped Cream

The holidays are approaching and you're pressed for time. What will you serve for a holiday dessert? This recipe combines two holiday flavors -- cinnamon and eggnog -- is a flavorful ending to any meal. You can make the cake days ahead and freeze it.

The Best Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas - [Ideas From N To Z]

It's Thanksgiving, what's for dessert? In Part One we looked at the best Thanksgiving dessert ideas from Apple Dumplings to Mincemeat Pie. In this article (Part Two) we'll find ideas from Napoleons to Zucchini Muffins and others in between. We're following the alphabet to serve up some different desserts to wow your guests and perhaps start some traditions around your Thanksgiving table.

Selecting The Right Frozen Yoghurt Machine For Your Business

If you are planning to set up a frozen yoghurt shop, it is essential that you will have to get an appropriate machine for the same. There are frozen yoghurt suppliers, who deal with gadgets meant for preparing it as well. As this is a kind of investment for your business, you should be careful about the selection of the right device and the right supplier. As there are many dealers and manufacturers dealing with them, it will surely be confusing to arrive at the best. Even, you might be thinking about hiring a device rather than purchasing one. So, you will have to decide whether hiring or procuring one would be the ideal alternative after considering your present financial condition. This is a major decision to be made towards the future of your startup company.

The Best Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas [From A to M]

It's Thanksgiving and the occasion calls for much planning - will the day be a formal gathering or a laid back get together? Either way I've offered here my suggestions for the best Thanksgiving dessert ideas to start your creative juices flowing and with this alphabetical listing, you're bound to find a dessert idea that grabs your attention and finds it's way to grace your Thanksgiving table from Apple Dumplings to Mincemeat Pie.

Classic Apple Crumble

Still the best and easiest classic winter dessert - in my book anyway! Even if you can't cook, this recipe is a great place to start or to get your children into the kitchen.

France Gets Its Very Own Ratatouille-themed Restaurant

Who doesn’t love Pixar’s movies? They’ve pretty much set the standard of what a modern animated feature can aspire to. That opening scene of Up? Yowza. The first half of Wall-E? Ha cha cha. Of course, to foodies, the studio’s crowning achievement was no doubt Ratatouille, the story of a rat who becomes a first-class [...]

Sifted: Comfort Food Breakfasts, Chicken-Fried Potatoes + More

5 Hot Links We’re Loving: Another snow day? Perfect excuse to linger in the kitchen a little longer and griddle up a batch of Half Baked Harvest’s rice krispie treat pancakes with browned butter syrup. Sally’s Baking Addiction says that it’s ok to start your day with your favorite sweet duo, ideally in her chocolate peanut [...]

10 Healthy, Comforting Slow Cooker Recipes

This winter has already seen its fair share of cold, snowy days. It’s the type of weather that makes me crave warm, wholesome food. At the same time, I don’t have hours every day to spend cooking complicated meals. That’s why I love my slow cooker. I can prep the ingredients when I have time, [...]

Now It’s Getting Ridiculous: Introducing the Doughscuit

Somewhere in this mysterious, grand world of ours there exists a group of food wizards who just love combining stuff. First, they stuffed a donut and a croissant together and created the Cronut, and the people wept with joy. Next, they mashed a bagel with a croissant to create the horribly named Crogel, and the [...]

Meatless Monday: Sochi-Inspired Beet Salad

Meatless Monday is a global movement, a way of life. It’s not a campaign to turn everyone in the world vegetarian or vegan; in fact, many involved are meat-lovers. Eating less meat has been proven to reduce the risk of disease, curb obesity and has important environmental impacts, too. Will you join us in giving [...]

Cookbook Giveaway: Kelsey Nixon’s Kitchen Confidence

Cooking Channel host Kelsey Nixon’s first cookbook, Kitchen Confidence: Essential Recipes and Tips That Will Help You Cook Anything (available Feb. 11), is all about teaching techniques and recipes that will have home cooks of all skill levels cooking with more confidence. Like on her Cooking Channel show, Kelsey’s Essentials, Kelsey shares her “essential” pantry [...]

(Mostly) Adorable Food That Looks Like Groundhogs

The most important day of the entire year is here. The day in which a groundhog, through some kind of anthropomorphic sorcery, tells us how much winter we have left. Believe it or not, many people celebrate this holiday by making groundhog-inspired food. Here are some of our favorites.

25 Ways to Use Blue Cheese

Whether your team is playing in the Super Bowl or you’re just there for the food, the real star of the day is blue cheese. Whether it’s gorgonzola, Roquefort or stilton, stinky and creamy blue cheese has you covered for all of your party needs. And when the party’s over? There are recipes for that [...]

Now There is a Vending Machine That Pops Out Tomatoes

Vending machines are great. Where else can you get a dusty candy bar from 1983 at a truck stop in the middle of the night? On that note, however, most vending tend to have some pretty gross stuff in them. Sure, there have been exceptions, but for the most part it’s chips and soda. Now [...]

The Extraordinary Miracle Berry Conspiracy

Back in the 1970's the sugar industry was on the verge of being upset by an all-natural organic alternative. Sadly corporate greed and political influence kept this amazing substitute from seeing the light of day... until now.

Recipe for Poached Salmon With Potato and Radish Salad

Please, don't get the wrong idea, I mean, my whole business is built on healthy eating. Difference is though, I try and do it all year, for ever (with exceptions, of course - you've seen all my Christmas food offerings, I am not pretending that they were low-cal alternatives by any means). In fact I think that a little bit of what you fancy does you no amount of good! So the big January push on healthy food, goes a little against my principles, but I understand the need.

To Age Healthfully

Eating right and daily exercise not only helps you live longer but enjoy living more! Think about how great it would be, feeling good all the time!

Attain Your Dream Weight by Eating Granola

"Granola", the popular snack of the Americans is just the right choice to carry for a day's outing. Whether you are going out for a picnic, trekking or some other outdoor venture, a delicious granola is just what you need to satiate your hunger and plays a big role in weight loss plans.

Herbal Remedies - Cayenne Pepper

In case you are keen on eating hot chili or salsa, you would probably be interested to know a bit more about one of the main ingredients in them - the cayenne pepper. What is cayenne pepper? Capsium annuum or cayenne is actually coming from the Greek verb "to bite".

Delicious and Healthy Snacks For Healthy Living

Snacks are the food items that we munch on at odd times to keep the hunger pangs away until meal times. Can we indulge on snacks? Yes, as long as it is healthy. Over-indulgence on fried and sweet snacks causes weight gain. Eating healthy snacks on the other hand keeps us slim and helps in our quest for weight loss too.

The Benefits of Cayenne Pepper Powder

Cayenne pepper is a spice some people would happily put in their meal to spice it up, while on the other hand, some would avoid it, afraid not to burn their tongues. No matter which type of person you are, the capsicum (its other name) has undeniable advantages for your health. That is why including some cayenne pepper powder wouldn't bring any harm, right?

Making Homemade Vanilla-Flavored Greek Yogurt

Because Greek yogurt is generally such a good treat for the health-conscious consumer, I advocate incorporating it into your diet if only sparingly. It helps if you can learn how to make your own, so as to avoid the sometimes excessive cost of yogurts like Fage and Chobani on supermarket shelves - when they aren't on sale, that is. Many people refuse to pay more than a dollar for yogurt (understandably), which makes my mother's homemade vanilla Greek yogurt recipe such a timely treasure to share.

Chinese Cooking for Low Calorie Meals

It is really great to note that people are getting more conscious of their health lately. Perhaps the Internet has a great contribution to this. Anyway, as people become increasingly aware of their calorie intake and levels of saturated fat, sugar and cholesterol, they are getting hesitant of buying and consuming even the foods they love.

4 Common Myths About Calcium Diet

4 common myths about calcium; I am going to explain these common myths about calcium diets. I have heard them repeatedly. My clients say that taking calcium will cause weight gain.

4 Super Fat-Fighting Foods

Are you struggling to lose weight? Including these 4 super fat-fighting ingredients into your meals will not only make it taste great, but it will also help curb your appetite, break down fatty acids and block their absorption.




How to Make Japanese Omelette Rice

The biggest difference between regular fried rice and Japanese omurice (omelette rice – オムライス) is how the eggs are used. Common fried rice comes with scrambled eggs mixed together with other ingredients such as rice, scallion, corn, carrot, and more. [...]

The Ultimate Super Bowl Recipe Round-Up

Your Super Bowl Sunday menu planning will be a breeze with these awesome tips, tricks, and winning pre-picked recipe collections! Whether you need ideas for entrees, appetizers, or a few dishes for the pickier eaters you’re hosting at your game [...]

Creative Football Shaped Foods for the Super Bowl

Game day is almost here! If you’re catching the big game at home or throwing a tailgating party, here are a few football-centric treats that you might want to serve. There are options here to fill you up from appetizer [...]

How to Prepare a Lucky Meal for the Lunar New Year

Tomorrow is the Lunar New Year! Traditionally, that means  you should clean your house from top to bottom, put new linens out, and usher in the new year with as many good tidings as possible. Here are a few simple [...]

Fun Food Facts about Super Bowl XLVIII

It’s the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Denver Broncos this year in Super Bowl 48! In honor of the event, here are a few fun food facts you might not have known about this year’s big game. It’s estimated that over [...]

Enjoy Easy, Everyday Mexican Cuisine with Madeleine Cocina

If you want to try real, everyday Mexican cuisine, look no further than Madeleine Cocina on Yummly! Each one of these recipes is written and created in Madeleine’s kitchen in Mexico and brought to you so that you can have [...]

Whole Spices 101: How to Use Whole Spices at Home

What are whole spices? Where I can buy them? What are they used for? These are some of the questions that came to mind when I first heard the term “Whole Spices”. Whole Spices (or Sabut Masala) are just spices [...]

Vegan Appetizers Anyone Will Love

Finding a few great, vegan recipes that are easy to share and will allow everyone to have a varied, enjoyable menu can be difficult. Usually, those with ‘special’ diets are relegated to just the 1 dish they can eat, or [...]

Simple, Hearty Mexican Dishes for a Crowd

If you’re cooking for a party or just a big family gathering, finding dishes that can scale up easily and well for everyone can be hard. Instead of tossing up your hands and ordering a caterer, try one of these [...]

Sticky, Spicy Chicken Wings for Game Day!

Wings are the must have appetizer for game day. Pair it with your favorite buffalo or ranch dip and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed winner. Be victorious on game day whether or not your favorite team wins and try one [...]

Homemade Peanut Butter in a Snap

Making your own peanut butter (or any other kind of nut butter) is easy! You can make it just to your liking, super smooth and creamy, or a little on the crunchy side. The only materials you need to have [...]

How to Make Frosted Olympic-Ring Cookies

The Olympic rings symbolize peace, goodwill and global solidarity. Get into the spirit of the winter games in Sochi, Russia, by celebrating with these cute and colorful Olympic-ring cookies. I used my tried-and-true gingerbread recipe after experimenting enough to learn that most sugar cookies, including those made with store-bought premade dough, spread out too muchRead more

Top Dogs and Underdogs — Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off

On last’s night’s Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off, the celebrities got to set up their own hot dog carts right on the Coney Island Boardwalk. The challenge was more fun than anything else, but time constraints did have everyone hustling to make enough to serve hoards of customers. Tiffany, though, was the lucky winner ofRead more

Smoothie of the Month: Green Apple and Green Tea Breakfast Smoothie

Even diehard smoothie addicts are tempted to take a break from their blender in the dead of winter  — frozen fruit and crushed ice don’t feel quite the same when the temperatures plummet and the snow stays on the ground for days. This version of a smoothie, made from warm, simmered apples, feels like comfortRead more

Make a Lighter Cheese Sauce

To create Food Network Magazine‘s trimmed-down mac and cheese (pictured above), we skipped the usual butter-flour roux and used pureed cooked cauliflower as a thickener. The cauliflower doesn’t alter the flavor — it just adds creaminess without the fat. It’s a great way to sneak in fiber and vitamins too. Try the cheese sauce fromRead more

After Buying This Restaurant: Hans’ Bakery

On the series premiere of Buy This Restaurant, Kelly and her sister Lisa began the process of shopping for Minneapolis-area hot spots to launch their first-ever eatery, a coffee shop-cafe that would feature simple bites like soup and sandwiches. It was important to these restaurant rookies that their eventual business be quaint enough to offerRead more

I Love You More Than Chocolate: Cards for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day isn’t Valentine’s Day without chocolate, right? This year, don’t just send your sweetie something sweet, but pair it with a little card that extends the sweetness too (like the one above from Little Sloth). Here are our favorite chocolate-filled cards to get your hands on for February 14. Pictured top left to right:Read more

Kale and Apple Salad — Meatless Monday

With game day mere hours behind you, chances are you’re probably chock-full of all things saucy, snacky and deep-fried right now. Today, instead of succumbing to more indulgent dishes, start the week off on a fresher note with a simple salad. With kale all the rage these days, recipes using this good-for-you vegetable are seeminglyRead more

Order This, Not That: Jamba Juice

Ice cold smoothies are a delicious treat at this quick serve joint. But not all smoothies are created equal.

How I Got My Kids to Try — and Love — Sugar Snap Peas

This year I’ve figured something out. Raising kids who eat healthy, whole foods seems to be half recipes, half behavior. While I’ve been focused on the healthy recipes for the last couple of years, I’ve also read tons of great books, and my new favorite piece of advice comes from, It’s Not About the Broccoli.Read more

Round 2, Take 2 — Alton’s After-Show

Surviving a round of Cutthroat Kitchen is no small feat, and for most chefs, each of the 30 minutes on the clock is precious. On this week’s all-new episode, however, one competitor learned what it’s like to attempt a round in half that time — in only 15 quick minutes. In what judge Jet TilaRead more

Family Favorite: 100+ Easy and Delicious Chicken Recipes

Two things are for sure in this world: You can never reach the "end" of the Internet and there are innumerable ways to prepare chicken. Find more than 100 recipes, organized by occasion, for this popular poultry.

Cook Once, Have a New Lunch Every Day of the Week

Cook once and enjoy deliciously different lunches all week.

Stop Throwing Out Spoiled Produce! These Fruits and Vegetables Last the Longest

These fruits and vegetables stay fresh for a while, so you don't have to worry about wasting money on spoiled produce.

The Perfect Dessert

Save the best for last with these decadent desserts.

Make It or Fake It: Salads

Put the spotlight on salad with these tips and tricks for fresh flavors.

Homemade Chips and Pretzels That are So Much Better Than Store-Bought

Don't buy snacks this game season. Make twice as crispy, crunchy bites at home with these simple and satisfying recipes.

OMG, Omega-3s! 21 Recipes That are Full of Them

Add omega-3 fatty acids to your diet with these wonderful recipes to give your overall health, your mood, and even your looks a big boost.

Slider Central: Get Big-Time Flavor from 15 Bite-Size Burgers

Sliders are perfect as a game-day bite or even as part of your dinner spread. We have 15 bite-sized versions for you to try. Let the slider craving begin!


YOU ARE NOT AT RISK - Excerpt from the book "Its Mom' Sharon Carson -

By examining a patient’s family medical history, physicians try to determine if there is an increased risk of the patient developing a particular disease or inherited condition. From a spiritual perspective, however, Christians are part of the family of God, their father God, his Son Jesus, and The Holy Spirit; and there is neither sickness nor disease in the history of this family, and there never will be. When Jesus died on the cross, He took upon Himself as a vaccination, all sickness and disease known and unknown to man and provided us with immunity from them. We as Christians are not, therefore, at risk for any sickness or disease.